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Old photo correction

Although this sites foundation is text, images are essential as well people expect clear high resolution images but those in your family or royaalty free collections are often faded and grainy.

Not only are powerful image editors like photoshop readily available but also very good open source editors like Gimp, Kritta etc.

Even more exciting recently are powerful A.I. algorithm that can take your grandma's tiny low resolution collection and scale them up to less accurate but much more usable higher resolution.

Two places to try up-scaling for free

www myHeritage Photo Enhancer

These algorithms are often most suitable to run on an online service, not your PC.

Services to explore

www algorithmia

www converter

www Restoring

www Colab Research Depixelizer



www Colab Research Depixelizer

  1. Crop
  2. Patch
  3. Levels
  4. mask/blur, correct bright or dark areas
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About histograms:

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  ┗━━━━┛    ┗━━━━┛    ┗━━━━┛    ┗━━━━┛    ┗━━━━┛    ┗━━━━┛  

This leaves you with flat, faded colours. Yes, time also fades colour. But the biggest issue is the scanning process itself -- it's not perfect.

To get rid of this without touching any of the real colours of your image, do the following...

Tips On How To Use The Levels Tool