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Eclectic notes on Doc Conversion

LaTeX to html and epub3

texstudio run htlatex to get html file

Use script to strip out the weird extra empty images and get clean htm

Import to htm to calibre

\d is equivalent to [0-9] \w is equivalent to [a-zA-Z0-9_] \s is equivalent to any whitespace

“?” matches 0 or 1 of the preceding element, “*” matches 0 or more of the preceding element and “+” matches 1 or more of the preceding element

remove this eroneous output from html

<img[\s]+src="ElecticTales[0-9]+x.png"[\s]+alt="PICT"[\s]?> <img[\s]+src="ElecticTales[0-9]+x.png"[\s]+alt="PICT"[\s]+class="calibre1"[\s]?/> <img[\s]+src="taleChineseEmbers[0-9]+x.png"[\s]+alt="PICT"[\s]+class="calibre1"[\s]?/>

images, use eps or

<a href="">  __www__ Tug</a>

command output comment

htlatex abc abc.html HTML, bitmap math xhlatex abc abc.html XHTML, bitmap math mzlatex abc abc.xml XHTML, MathML math oolatex abc abc.sxw OpenOffice XML (uses MathML math) dbmlatex abc abc.xml DocBook, MathML math

htlatex tale.tex "xhtml,html5,charset=utf-8" " -cunihtf -utf8"

<a href="

If you are experiencing problems after switching a XeLaTeX project to pdfLaTeX in the project settings, an adaption of the LaTeX code is necessary. As we do not want to make the original XeLaTeX code unusable, we need to add conditional statements. For this, you need to include the ifxetex package:


Then, simply surround XeLaTeX-specific code (or simply code that produces an error) with a “\ifxetex …\else …\fi” construction. Having this compatibility allows you to generate PDF files with XeLaTeX, and also produce HTML documents with pdfLaTeX when you switch compiler settings.

For example, when generating an HTML file, you cannot include PDF files or vector graphics. Instead, you have to rely on JPG and PNG image files. Another application would be if you want to minimize the size of an existing image file for an e-book. A code might look like this:

\adjustbox{max width=.95\columnwidth, max height=.4\textheight}{